Ranger Spacecraft Exploration

The Ranger spacecrafts were designed to take images of the lunar surface, transmitting those images to Earth until the spacecraft was destroyed upon impact with the moon's surface.
Each Ranger Spacecraft carried six cameras, and each camera had different camera setting. Each Ranger Spacecraft was lanched to go to a different part of the moon's surface to locate a safe landing area for the manned spacecrafts to land. The cameras photographs were sent to earth so that safest place was to be chosen for the manned spacecraft.
The first five Ranger Spacecraft lanched failed the even reach the Moon.
The cameras on Ranger 6 failed to turn on, but the Ranger did reach and crash into the moon's surface.
After two reorganizations of the agencies, Ranger 7 successfully returned images in July 1964, followed by two more successful missions.
Dec 16, 2016 - Ranger 7 was the first American spacecraft to image the moon's surface. These three Ranger Spacecraft sent all of their pictures back to earth.

Ranger Spacecraft

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