Personal Headlamps for Work and Play

This Lübeck Haus catalogue page lists personal headlamps or led headlights for work and play.
Personal headlamps are great. Where ever you need to direct a flashlight on your work, and you need to work with both hands, the benefit of having these headlamps handy will be obvious. The benefit of having good light right just where you look and having both hands free is what these useful tools are all about. Great for home improvement projects, working on the car, evening gardening projects, camping and hiking, and many other activities. You may find it amazing how many times you will use these handy headlights. The light provided is bright enough to walk a trail at night, or find or to fix something, and can be set on a table to light a small room for simple tasks. Very comfortable to wear, and yet small and light to keep handy in a large pocket in your jacket. Outdoors people, backpackers, mountaineers, and homeowners should consider buying one.

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Head Lamps for Indoors & Outdoors

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Streamlight 61008 Septor Headlamp with 7 Ultra Bright White LEDs
~Usually Ships Within 2 to 3 Days

This LED headlamp by Streamlight has a 90-degree tilting head and adjustable headstrap. Features seven ultra bright white LEDs with three levels of lighting. Up to a 120 hour run time. Septor is constructed of lightweight thermoplastic and weighs only 5 ounces. Uses three AAA alkaline batteries. Yellow in color.


Click Here For Streamlight 61008 Septor Headlamp prices, and for ordering and shipping information.

Streamlight 61000 Trident LED/Incandescent Combo Headlamp
~Usually Ships Within 2 to 3 Days

This Streamlight LED/Incandescent combo headlamp has a with 90-degree tilting head and adjustable headstrap. Contains one green LED, two white LEDs and a xenon bulb within the same reflector. Features spot to flood focus, three levels of lighting and up to 120 hours of continuous run time. Trident is constructed of lightweight thermoplastic and weighs only 5 ounces. Uses three AAA alkaline batteries. Green in color.


  • LED/Incandescent combo headlamp with 1 green LED, 2 white LED's and a xenon bulb offering 3 levels of lighting
  • Constructed of green, water resistant, lightweight thermoplastic with elastic headstrap
  • Up to 120 hour run time using 3 AAA alkaline batteries
  • Lamp is 2.75" long and weighs 5 ounces

Click Here For Streamlight 61000 Trident LED/Incandescent Combo Headlamp prices, and for ordering and shipping information.

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