Mindstorm Robotic Construction Kits

On this Lübeck Haus Store catalogue page we have listed some excellent beginning robotic machine construction kits from Lego. Lego Mindstorms and Lego Spybotics kits are phenomenal toys for learning and having fun at the same time. Your kids and perhaps yourself, will learn programming, logic, mathematics, contruction techniques, robotics, and engineering, while having hours and hours of fun. While these advanced toys are designed for childern 9 years old and up, older experimenters may also find building and using these robotic kits challenging, fascinating, as well as fun to build and to use.
The Lego Spybotics products provide a great first robotics experience for a budding engineer. These construction kits are great for young developing engineering minds as well as developing builders skills. These kits give experimenters and tinkers quality tools in which to develop their imagination and to have fun designing and making useful toys that teach basic engineering principles and robotics. The Lego Spybotics line is an easier to build and lower-priced introduction to robotics than the Lego Mindstorms series.

However, Lego Mindstorms provide a greater challenge for the more experienced robotic experimenters and programmers because with these kits one can build more advanced robotics, and you could actually write your own operating system. And Lego Mindstorms kits cost considerable more than the Lego Spybotic kits.

PURCHASING RECOMMENDATION: Get the Robotics Invention System first. Work with it for awhile, give it a good workout. See if your kids like it. See if they actually try building and programming the layouts that come with this kit. If they show a keen interest and are having fun, get this kit. If not try one of the Lego Spybotics.

Quite a few young tinkers went on to become very good Engineers, Architects, Builders, and Scientists.

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The Lego Kits

The Lego Mindstorms Kits

The Lego Spybotics Kits

The Lego Spybotics line of kits are an easier to build and a lower-priced introduction to robotics than the Lego Mindstorms series. And for many beginning robotics experimenters, these kit provide an excellent way to get started.

Spybotics contains four robots at present. Each is designed to be strong in only one or two of the categories of speed, strength, and agility. That means that the builder will have to learn how to capitalize on the vehicles strengths in a competition with other Spybotics vehicles.

  1. Shadowstrike S70 is a vehicle that scores high on speed and agility categories.
  2. Gigamesh G60 scores highest on strength, but low on the other categories.
  3. Snaptrax S45 scores high on agility and strength categories.
  4. Technojaw T55 is probably the most balanced, scoring quite high on speed but well on strength and agility.

  • LEGO Spybotics Shadowstrike S70 ~Usually Ships in 24 Hours

  • -Lego Systems, Inc. / LEGO Kit with CD-ROM /
    This is a great toy that will keep young engineers occupied for hours, if not weeks. This 223-piece kit contains everything needed to build this spy robot. The CD-ROM plugs into your computer for downloading the complete building instructions on how to build the Shadowstrike S70, special features, training exercises, and 10 global missions for it to perform once built, programmed, and ready to go. A programmable controller allows you to design special functions for your Shadowstrike S70 before beginning on a mission, so you are well prepared for what may lie ahead. The spy robot's best attributes are speed and agility, having a tripodlike build. However, its signature feature is the grabbing arm which protruding from the front of its body, allowing it to grasp at objects in its path.
    The CD-ROM contains a controller for programming top secret, high risk missions, and with 10 global missions that are already to download.
    Requires a computer and three each of both AA and AAA batteries, none of which are included.
    This kit is recommended for 9 years old and up.
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